Please Adopt, Don't Shop!   

Each year, hundreds of thousands adoptable dogs are euthanized (killed) around the world, simply because too many dogs come into shelters and not enough people consider adoption when looking for a dog.  

This number could be reduced dramatically if only more people adopted dogs instead of buying them.

Even if you are looking for a specific breed or a puppy, they can ALL be found with rescue groups!

When you adopt, you save a loving dog and open up space for another dog to be rescued.

Look for a Rescue group that is willing to work with you and match you and your family with a suitable dog. 

By finding out more about you, your living arrangements and lifestyle, you can be matched with the pawfect dog!


Please consider a Greyhound! Greyhounds are AMAZING pets, they are easy to care for, they DO NOT need a lot of exercise, as a matter of fact, most of them sleep 23 hours a day! They are loving, funny, sweet and due to a thin coat, don't smell or need a bath very often. However, they need a lounge to relax on. Most walk very well on a lead and are suitable for mature owners. Please contact your nearest Greyhound rescue group to learn more.



Rescue groups help dogs who have been forgotten, abandoned or given up on through no fault of their own. These dogs ask for little more than the chance to share their lives with someone who loves them, especially those who have never been given the chance before.

By adopting from a Rescue group, you’ll not only be making a friend for life, you’ll be saving one!

If you can't adopt a dog for some reason, there's always Fostering! Most Rescue groups are in desperate need of Foster Carers to temp care for a dog, until a permanent home has been found. Have a look on their Facebook pages and contact them direct for more information.

We Support a number of Rescue groups, a % of each sale go to the rescue groups. 

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