The Big Kahuna Pack - 63 Items

The Big Kahuna Pack - 63 Items


This is the Big Kahuna Top up pack. You get: 14 x Sterile wound pads + 12 x 5cm Elastic Gauze Bandage + 12 x 7.5cm Elastic Gauze Bandage + 5 x Large Sterile Trauma Pads + 10 x  5cm Cohesive Elastic Bandage + 10 x 10cm Cohesive Elastic Bandage.

The cohesive Elastic Bandage sticks to itself and not to skin and hair, It can be torn to the required length without using scissors. No clips or fasteners are required. Please note that the colours in the photo might not be available and we cannot guarantee these are the colours you will receive. Our Prices are in Australian $$ and Discounted International Shipping Applies. Contact us if you would like an idea of price and international shipping.

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