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Please Adopt a Dog.

Each year, hundreds of thousands adoptable dogs are euthanized (killed) around the world, simply because too many dogs come into shelters and not enough people consider adoption when looking for a dog.  

This number could be reduced dramatically if only more people adopted dogs instead of buying them.​

Even if you are looking for a specific breed or a puppy, they can ALL be found with rescue groups!

When you adopt, you save a loving dog and open up space for another dog to be rescued.

Look for a Rescue group that is willing to work with you and match you and your family with a suitable dog. 

By finding out more about you, your living arrangements and lifestyle, you can be matched with the pawfect dog!


Please consider a Greyhound! Greyhounds are AMAZING pets, they are easy to care for, they DO NOT need a lot of exercise, as a matter of fact, most of them sleep 23 hours a day! 

They are loving, funny, sweet and due to a thin coat, don't smell or need a bath very often. However, they need a lounge to relax on.

Most walk very well on a lead and are suitable for mature owners. Please contact your nearest Greyhound rescue group to learn more.

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